Let Us Do The Work

Constructionlists.com offers each of our clients the in depth research, analysis, and close consultation it takes to help create the sales leads and customer awareness they need to help fuel their company's growth and prosperity. Our experience, our knowledge of the list market, and our state of the art list research tools, enable us to provide you with the very best lists for your direct marketing efforts, and allow us to refine each list even further by selecting only those segments which focus on your very best prospects.

You Save Money

As an experienced list brokerage firm with longstanding relationships in the industry, we can save you money by negotiating discounts and/or net name arrangements on larger orders. We can often save you even more by suppressing your house file when you rent from any of the many fine lists managed by Constructionlists.com as well as from many compiled list rentals, thus preventing duplication and often reducing the number of records that need to be acquired for your direct marketing campaigns.

Analyze Your Files

We can also help you to carefully analyze your own in-house customer file in order to identify important information such as type of business, size of business, location, and more. This process helps us to pinpoint which of the many thousands of available marketing lists will be likely to be most effective for your offer, and also helps us to select the best categories from each list so that you can concentrate on the exact type of prospect most likely to become your best customer. Analysis of your in-house file will also enable us to let you know if it might be possible to append additional useful information to your house file that would make it even more valuable.


Let us prepare a recommendation for your next mailing and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the many fresh list ideas we will provide and thrilled at the money we can save you!