Data Append

Appending Data to Your Files

Construction Lists will help you append important data such as phones, email addresses, titles, business size, industry type and more to your business files, or add phones, credit information and other valuable demographic data to your consumer files.

Appending meaningful new contact information for your existing customers and prospects will help you to maximize sales from your in-house files by providing new and more efficient ways to reach them.

Adding demographic data such as business type, company size, employee size, and job title to your house file provides extremely valuable insight into the types of businesses who are currently your top clients. This new information will allow you to focus future marketing efforts on your very best prospects, enabling you to target the right construction businesses, as well as the best decision makers at each company.

Verified Email Append Service

Construction Lists Email Append Service will help you grow the number of accurate and deliverable email addresses in your prospecting and customer files at the most cost effective price.

We'll append the most highly deliverable, accurate and up to date email addresses available to your file from the most reliable construction business sources available. Our clients typically end up with accurate and verified email addresses for between 30-35% of their in house database.

We offer the very best pricing anywhere - and you'll pay only for the confirmed deliverable emails added to your file.

Why Append Email Addresses

  • To reduce marketing costs! Contact your customers quickly and inexpensively by email any time you want.
  • To create more effective marketing campaigns! Use a multi-market strategy of contacting customers through email, mailing and telemarketing channels.
  • To add value to your customer files! Your in-house database will generate more income, will become a more valuable asset, and will be a more sought after and productive list rental property.
  • To increase traffic to your web site! Effective email campaigns to your customer base will deliver more prospects and more business to your internet sites.
  • You Pay Only for Valid and Deliverable Emails Added to Your File!

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